Passionate about helping people rebuild their lives.

Steve Sitcov has spent the last 40 years doing one thing: helping people pick up the pieces after their lives were changed unexpectedly. Steve knows that when we leave our house each morning, send our kids out to play, take a pill, buy new tires or enter a store to shop, we don’t expect our lives to change because someone was careless.

After injury strikes, the medical bills, time lost from work, and ongoing medical needs only add to the trauma. Experienced legal counsel may be necessary. While most lawyers fear going inside a courtroom, that is where Steve likes to be. He will prepare your case with the same skill and thorough preparation, whether your case is resolved by trial in a courtroom, or by settlement in an office.

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Childhood Injury Prevention Program

Child wearing a bike helmet and sitting on a bike

After countless trials, Steve has seen the true cost of childhood injuries. He knows that the best way to help minimize children’s injures is to avoid injury in the first place. To achieve this goal, his Childhood Injury Prevention Program provides rebates for the purchase of certain child safety gear as well as up-to-date injury prevention information and useful links for parents to help keep their kids safe.

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