Back pain? Need relief? Stay Active! Don’t Take a Pill, And Don’t Call Your Doctor.

“go run, be active, instead of taking a pill.” say Dr. Jim Weinstein, a back pain specialist at Dartmouth. Today’s New York Times interviewed Seattle’s own Chris Standaert, M.D., a leader in rehab medicine. Dr. Standaert said that new research shows that relieving back pain is not about taking medication, but rather teaching the patient […] Read more »

Recalls Save Lives, Repairs Don’t

Three years ago, I wrote a post about the importance of anchoring large pieces of furniture such as TV’s and dressers after the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CSPC) recalled two brands of dressers responsible for the deaths of two young children. Then just a year later in 2014, two more young children were killed by […] Read more »

Heads up! Here’s an App Every Parent Should Have

Being involved in youth sports provides countless benefits for children. It instills traits like work ethic and camaraderie that can carry them through into adulthood. And it can be plain old fun to run around with friends, not to mention the physical and emotional benefits kids experience as their skill and competence increase. But unfortunately, […] Read more »

Ever Hear of a Bike Helmet Hurting You?

In Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Kent, all of unincorporated King County, and many other jurisdictions, all bicyclists – not just children – must wear a helmet while riding. The law is based on evidence-based medicine, much of it performed by Fredrick Rivara, M.D., the founding director of the Harborview Injury and Research Center. […] Read more »

Focus on Focus Groups

When my clients’ cases appear on course for trial (as opposed to settlement) I may utilize a focus group, aka, a faux jury or mock jury. This allows me to present aspects of my client’s case, using real testimony and real exhibits, to a small group of randomly selected volunteers, who are paid a small […] Read more »

SCOTUS Decides We All Need PIP Coverage

I have always been a big proponent of PIP (Personal Injury Protection).  It provides “no-fault” (automatic) benefits if you (or your passengers) are injured in a car crash while in your own car, in someone else’s car, while riding a bike or crossing the street as a pedestrian. It pays for medical expenses, a percentage […] Read more »

You Think Halloween is Scary….

Bike commuting is increasingly popular in Seattle and so it is not uncommon to see parents biking with one or more of their kids on a bike seat or in a trailer attached to their bike. I have to confess, I get anxious when I share the road with these parent & child bikers. So […] Read more »